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Earl's World of CD's

Alarm, The                              Declaration
Armatrading, Joan                       Key, The
Armatrading, Joan                       Show Some Emotion
Armatrading, Joan                       Walk Under Ladders***
B-52's, The                             B-52's, The
Barnes, Roosevelt "Booba"               Heartbroken Man
Beasley, Del                            Night and Day
Beatles, The                            Abbey Road
Beatles, The                            Beatles For Sale
Beatles, The                            Hard Days Night
Beatles, The                            Please Please Me
Beatles, The                            Revolver
Beatles, The                            Rubber Soul
Beatles, The                            Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Beatles, The                            With the Beatles
Berry, Chuck                            Great 28, The
Bo Deans, The                           Love and Hope and Sex and Dreams
Bo Deans, The                           Outside Looking In
Boomtown Rats, The                      A Tonic For The Troops
Bowie, David                            Changesonebowie
Bragg, Billy                            Back to Basics
Bragg, Billy                            Don't Try This at Home
Bragg, Billy                            Internationale, The
Bragg, Billy                            Talking with the Taxman About Poetry
Bragg, Billy                            Worker's Playtime
Bragg, Billy                            William Bloke
Brown, James                            CD of JB, The
Browne, Jackson                         The Pretender
Camper Van Beethoven                    Key Lime Pie
Cars, The                               Cars, The
Cash, Johnny                            American Recordings
Chapman, Tracy                          Tracy Chapman  
Chieftains, The                         An Irish Evening
Chieftains, The                         The Chieftans In China
Clash, The                              1977 Revisited
Clash, The                              Clash, The***
Clash, The                              Give 'em Enough Rope
Clash, The                              London Calling
Clash, The                              Sandinista! 
Clearwater, Eddy                        Help Yourself
Clearwater, Eddy                        Live - A Real Good Time
Cockburn, Bruce                         Waiting For a Miracle
Cohen, Leonard                          Best of Leonard Cohen, The
Cooke, Sam                              Man and His Music, The
Coors, The                              Forgiven Not Forgotten
Costello, Elvis                         Armed Forces
Costello, Elvis                         IbMePdErRoIoAmL
Costello, Elvis                         My Aim is True
Costello, Elvis                         Taking Liberties
Costello, Elvis                         This Year's Model
Costello, Elvis                         Trust
Counting Crows                          August & Everything After
Cowboy Junkies                          Black Eyed Man
Cowboy Junkies                          Caution Horses, The
Cowboy Junkies                          Live?
Cracker                                 Kerosene Hat
Cranberries, The                        Everybody Else Is Doing It So Why Can"t We?
Cranberries, The                        No Need to Argue
Crash Test Dummies                      God Shuffled His Feet
Cray Band, The Robert                   Bad Influence
Cray Band, The Robert                   Strong Persuader  
Creedence Clearwater Revival            Chronicle
Crenshaw, Marshall                      Marshall Crenshaw
Crenshaw, Marshall                      Mary Jean and 9 others
D'Gary                                  Malagasy Guitar
Dead Kennedys                           In God We Trust Inc./Plastic Surgery Disasters
Devlins, The                            Drift  
Diddley, Bo                             Bo Diddley/Go Bo Diddley
Dire Straits                            Brothers in Arms
Disappear Fear                          Deep Soul Diver
Disappear Fear                          Live at the Bottom Line
Divynils, The                           Divynils, The
Doe, John                               Meet John Doe
Dream Academy, The                      Dream Academy
Drivin' n' Cryin'                       Mystery Road
Dump Truck                              Positively Dump Truck
Dylan, Bob                              Highway 61 Revisited   
Dylan, Bob                              Times They Are A Changin', The
Ely, Joe                                Live at Liberty Lunch
Fear                                    Live...for the Record
Fear                                    Record, The
Feelies, The                            Only Life
Firehose                                Flyin' the Flannel
Gabriel, Peter                          So
Generation X                            Generation X
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                    After Awhile
Gilmore, Jimmie Dale                    Spinning Around The Sun
Golden Palominos, The                   Golden Palominos, The
Grateful Dead                           Working Man's Dead
Green Day                               Dookie
Green Day                               Insomniac
Griffith, Nanci                         Flyer
Griffith, Nanci                         One Fair Summer Evening 
Griffith, Nanci                         Other Voices, Other Rooms
Griffith, Nanci                         Other Voices, Other Rooms Too
Griffith, Nanci                         Late Night Grand Hotel 
Hall, Kristen                           Be Careful What You Wish For
Hall, Kristen                           Fact or Fiction
Hall, Kristen                           Real Life Stuff***
Harding, John Wesley                    God Made Me Do It - The Christmas EP
Harding, John Wesley                    Summer EP, The
Harding, John Wesley                    Here Comes the Groom
Harding, John Wesley                    It Happened One Night
Harding, John Wesley                    Name Above the Title, The
Hell, Richard and the Voidoids          Blank Generation
Hiatt, John                             Bring the Family
Hindu Love Gods                         Hindu Love Gods
Hitchcock, Robyn and The Egyptians      Perspex Island
Holly, Buddy                            From the Original Master Tapes              
Hooker, John Lee                        Boogie Chillun
Hooker, John Lee                        The Healer
House, Son                              Best of Son House, The
Housemartins, The                       London 0 Hull 4
Husker Du                               Flip Your Wig
Husker Du                               Warehouse: Songs and Stories
Ides of March, The                      Ideology
Indigo Girls                            Indigo Girls
Indigo Girls                            Nomads, Indians, Saints
Indigo Girls                            Strange Fire
Indigo Girls                            Swamp Ophelia 
Indigo Girls                            1200 Curfews 
Innocence Mission, The                  The Innocence Mission
Jackson, Joe                            Big World
Jackson, Joe                            Blaze of Glory
Jackson, Joe                            Look Sharp!
Jefferson Airplane                      Surrealistic Pillow
Jesus and Mary Chain, The               Automatic
Joel, Billy                             Piano Man
Johnson, Robert                         Complete Recordings, The
Jones, Steve                            Fire and Gasoline
King Crimson                            Beat
King Crimson                            Discipline
King Crimson                            Three of a Perfect Pair
King Missile                            Happy Hour
King Missile                            Way to Salvation, The
Kinks, The                              Greatest Hits
Leadbelly                               King of the 12 String Guitar
Lemonheads, The                         It's a Shame About Ray
Lennon, John                            Lennon
Lewis, Jerry Lee                        Original Sun Greatest Hits
Lindley, David                          El Rayo X
Lindley, David and El Rayo X            El Rayo Live
Lindley, David and El Rayo X            Very Greasy
Lindley, David and Henry Kaiser         World Out of Time
Lindley, David and Henry Kaiser         World Out of Time II
Lindley, David and Henry Kaiser         World Out of Time III
London Symphony Orchestra               Right Stuff/North and South, The
Lone Justice                            Lone Justice
Los Lobos                               Kiko
Los Lobos                               Just Another Band From East L.A.
Los Lobos                               Neighborhood, The
Love Spit Love                          Love Spit Love
Lowe, Nick                              16 All-time Lowes
Malone, Michelle                        New Experience
Mann, Aimee                             Whatever
Mann, Aimee                             I'm With Stupid
Marley, Bob and The Wailers             Birth of A Legend, The
Marley, Bob and The Wailers             Legend
Mars, Chris                             Horseshoes & Hand Grenades 
McGuinn, Roger                          Back From Rio
McKee, Maria                            You Gotta Sin To Get Saved
McLachlan, Sarah                        Fumbling Towards Ecstasy
McLachlan, Sarah                        Live!
McLachlan, Sarah                        Solace
McLachlan, Sarah                        The Freedom Sessions
McLachlan, Sarah                        Touch
McLachlan, Sarah                        B-Sides and Outtakes
McMurtry, James                         Too Long in the Wasteland
Midnight Oil                            10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Midnight Oil                            Blue Sky Mining
Midnight Oil                            Breathe
Midnight Oil                            Earth and Sun and Moon
Midnight Oil                            Head Injuries
Midnight Oil                            Midnight Oil
Midnight Oil                            Outbreak of Love
Midnight Oil                            Red Sails in the Sunset
Midnight Oil                            Scream in Blue Live
Midnight Oil                            Species Deceases
Mitchell, Joni                          Turbulent Indigo
Monkees, The                            Greatest Hits
Morells, The                            Shake & Push
Morrison, Van                           Moondance
Mullins, Shawn                          Big Blue Sky
Ned's Atomic Dustbin                    God Fodder
Nile, Willie                            Places I Have Never Been
Nile, Willie                            Willie Nile
O'Brien, Tim                            Odd Man In
Parker, Graham                          The Mona Lisa's Sister
Petty, Tom And The Heartbreakers        Damn The Torpedoes
Phair, Liz                              Exile In Guyville
Phillips, Sam                           Martinis & Bikinis
Phillips, Sam                           ???
Poi Dog Pondering                       Poi Dog Pondering
Police, The                             Outlandos d'Amour
Pretenders, The                         Learning to Crawl
Pretenders, The                         Pretenders
Pretenders, The                         Pretenders II
Primitives, The                         Lovely
Psychedelic Furs, The                   Book Of Days
Psychedelic Furs, The                   Forever Now
Psychedelic Furs, The                   Mirror Moves
Psychedelic Furs, The                   Talk Talk Talk
Psychedelic Furs, The                   World Outside, The
Public Image Limited                    Compact Disc
R.E.M.                                  Automatic For the People
R.E.M.                                  Dead Letter Office
R.E.M.                                  Fables of the Reconstruction
R.E.M.                                  Life's Rich Pageant
R.E.M.                                  Life's Rich Pageant and More
R.E.M.                                  Murmur
R.E.M.                                  Out of Time
R.E.M.                                  Reckoning
Ramones, The                            Ramones Mania
Ramones, The                            Ramones, The
Reed, Lou                               Magic and Loss
Reed, Lou                               Transformer
Replacements, The                       Let It Be
Richman, Jonathan                       Having a Party With Jonathan Richman
Richman, Jonathan                       Jonathan Goes Country 
Richman, Jonathan                       Jonathan Richman
Richman, Jonathan                       Jonathan Te Vas A Emocionar!
Richman, Jonathan and the Modern Lovers Best of Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers, The
Richman, Jonathan And The Modern Lovers Precise Modern Lovers Order
Rockpile                                Seconds of Pleasure
Rolling Stones, The                     Some Girls
Rollins Band, The                       End of Silence, The
Roxy Music                              Atlantic Years, The
Roxy Music                              Avalon
Rush                                    Moving Pictures
Scaggs, Boz                             Silk Degrees
Selecter, The                           Selected Selecter Selections
Sex PistOls, The                        Better Live Than Dead
Sex PistOls, The                        Great Rock n Roll Swindle, The
Sex PistOls, The                        Never Mind the Bollocks
Sex PistOls, The                        We Have Cum For Your Children
Simon and Garfunkel                     Greatest Hits
Skeletons, The                          In the Flesh
Smithereens, The                        Especially For You
Smiths, The                             Louder Than Bombs
Smiths, The                             Rank
Social Distortion                       Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell
Son House                               Son House Delta Blues
Soul Asylum                             Grave Dancers Union
Soul Asylum                             Hang Time
Spanic Boys, The                        Strange World
Spinal Tap                              This is Spinal Tap
Springsteen, Bruce                      Born in the USA
Springsteen, Bruce                      Born To Run
Springsteen, Bruce                      Greetings From Asbury Park NJ
Springsteen, Bruce                      Human Touch
Springsteen, Bruce                      Live 1975-85
Springsteen, Bruce                      The River
Springsteen, Bruce                      Tunnel of Love
Springsteen, Bruce                      Wild, the Innocent and the E Street Shuffle, The
Springsteen, Bruce                      Hungry Heart EP
Squeeze                                 Singles: 45's and Under
Stewart, Rod                            Every Picture Tells A Story 
Stewart, Rod                            Never a Dull Moment
Stiff Little Fingers                    All The Best
Stiff Little Fingers                    See You Up There
Story, The                              The Angel in the House
Strummer, Joe                           Earthquake Weather
Sugar                                   Copper Blue
Sweet, Matthew                          Altered Beast
Sweet, Matthew                          Girlfriend
Sweet, Matthew                          Inside
Talking Heads, The                      77
Talking Heads, The                      Fear of Music
Talking Heads, The                      More Songs About Buildings and Food
Talking Heads, The                      Remain in Light
Tarika Sammi                            Under Southern Skies
Tarika Sammi                            Fanafody
Television                              Marquee Moon
Ten Thousand Maniacs                    In My Tribe
Ten Thousand Maniacs                    Our Time in Eden
Ten Thousand Maniacs                    Unplugged
Ten Thousand Maniacs                    Wishing Chair, The
Thompson, Richard                       You? Me? Us?
Thompson, Richard and Linda             Shoot Out the Lights
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers    Bad to the Bone
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers    Boogie People?
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers    Born to be Bad
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers    Maverick
Thorogood, George and the Destroyers    Move It On Over
Toure, Ali Farka and Ry Cooder          Talking Timbuktou 
Townshend, Pete                         Empty Glass
Traveling Wilburys, The                 Volume One
Two Nice Girls                          Like a Version
U2                                      Achtung Baby
U2                                      Boy
U2                                      Gloria
U2                                      Joshua Tree, The
U2                                      October
U2                                      Rattle and Hum
U2                                      Under a Blood Red Sky
U2                                      Unforgettable Fire, The
U2                                      War
U2                                      Wide Awake in America
U2                                      Zooropa
UB40                                    Labour of Love
Uncle Tupelo                            Anodyne
Uncle Tupelo                            March 16-20, 1992
Uncle Tupelo                            No Depression
Uncle Tupelo                            Still Feel Gone
Various Artists                         Acoustic Christmas
Various Artists                         Alligator Records 25th Anniversary Collection
Various Artists                         Dance Craze Movie Soundtrack
Various Artists                         Folkways: A Vision Shared
Various Artists                         Live at The Newport Folk Festival
Various Artists                         Out of the Blue
Various Artists                         Rubaiyat
Various Artists                         Surprise Your Pig
Various Artists                         TBGH
Various Artists                         Witchcraft/Ritual Music of Kenya/Tanzania
Velocity Girl                           Copacetic
Velvet Underground, The                 Best of the Velvet Underground, The
Veruca Salt                             American Thighs
Violent Femmes                          Violent Femmes
Wagner, Richard                         Orchestral Music
Wang Fei                                Help Yourself
Wang Fei                                Faye Best
Wang Fei                                Best of
Wang Fei                                Best of '98
Wang Fei                                Shirley Once More
Waters, Muddy                           On Chess Records 1948-1951
Waters, Muddy                           On Chess Records 1951-1959
Werner, Susan                           Last of The Good Straight Girls 
Werner, Susan                           Midwestern Saturday Night 
Werner, Susan                           Time Between Trains 
Westerberg, Paul                        14 Songs
White, Bukka                            Complete Sessions 1930-1940, The
Who, The                                A Quick One (Happy Jack)
Who, The                                Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy
Who, The                                Odds and Sods
Who, The                                Sell Out
Who, The                                Who Are You
Who, The                                Who's Next
Winter, Johnny                          Let Me In
X                                       Live at the Whiskey a Go Go
X                                       Los Angeles/Wild Gift
Yoakum, Dwight                          Guitars, Cadillacs, etc, etc.
Yoakum, Dwight                          Hillbilly Deluxe
Zappa, Frank                            Apostrophe/Overnite Sensation
Zappa, Frank                            Them or Us
Zappa, Frank                            We're Only in it For the Money/Lumpy Gravy
Zevon, Warren                           Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School
Zevon, Warren                           Excitable Boy
Zevon, Warren                           Learning to Flinch
Zevon, Warren                           Mister Bad Example
Zevon, Warren                           Sentimental Hygiene 
Zevon, Warren                           The Mutineer
Zevon, Warren                           Transverse City
Zevon, Warren                           Wanted: Dead or Alive
Zevon, Warren                           Warren Zevon
Zydeco, Buckwheat                       Menagerie: The Essential Zydeco Collection