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Earl's World

My Name is Earl Higgins and since 1989 I have lived in Saint Louis, Missouri.

I am a Software Engineer at Computerized Medical Systems, Inc.

My interests include Shortwave Radio, Disabled Rights and activism, and learning Mandarin Chinese.

Humor Send me an e-mail
Radio Stuff Some of my favorite links (reluctantly uses frames)
My resume Chinese vocabulary words (reluctantly uses frames)
A list of my CD's Some maps to my house
The Chinese lyrics to the Cranberries' Song "Dreams", performed by Wang Fei Items I hope to see addressed by The Bi-State Development Agency's ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Advisory Board
A list of Independent Living Centers

cat picture This is my goofy cat, Adrian, named after renowned guitarist Adrian Belew. Pablo Neruda's "Ode to the Cat" describes him rather well.

The dog at the top of the page (wearing the John Belushi killer bee thingys) is the late Mandy Higgins, caught in a moment of wild, silly abandon.

coin picture This is an 1834 half dollar I bought at a coin show a few years back and scanned in.

This image will be moved to my coin pictures page if and when I make one. So many electrons, so little time...