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Earl Thomas Higgins
6631 Washington Avenue
Saint Louis, Missouri 63130

(314) 721-2095


Bachelor of Science, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Major: Computer Science; Minor: Geography. Graduated May, 1986. Grade Point Average 3.4 of 4.0.

Successfully completed short courses in:

Fontbonne College, Saint Louis, Missouri: Successfully completed six semesters of conversational Mandarin (Standard) Chinese. Finished October, 1997. Grade Point Average 4.0 of 4.0.


Computerized Medical Systems Software Engineer
Saint Louis, MissouriJanuary 1996 - Present
Designed, coded, integrated and tested various enhancements to the Focus application, a 3-D Radiation Treatment Planning System written in C for Hewlett Packard and Silicon Graphics workstations. Responsibilities also entailed demonstrating new features to customers and potential customers.

Rehosted the Focus Application from HP-UX Release 9.07 to HP-UX Release 10.20. The rehost involved approximately 500k lines of C language source code and 10k lines of Unix shell scripts.

McDonnell Douglas Aerospace (now Boeing) Engineer-Electronics
Saint Louis, Missouri January 1989 - January 1996
Designed and implemented a rehost of Program Loader/Verifier (PLV) to the MS Windows GUI environment using Borland C 4.5. The application, which interfaces with the F-15 aircraft's external communication buses, was originally written for a dedicated 8 bit microprocessor.

Served as programmer, network administrator, and database administrator/programmer to a small software development team. The product, a computer based training system called F-15 Aircraft Maintenance Trainer, was written in Borland Pascal for the MSDOS environment.

Designed, coded, and documented a complete file translation and transfer system in Microsoft C for use in loading software onto F-15 aircraft. The system, called Translate/Transfer Utility, ran on a ruggedized portable PC running MSDOS.

University of Iowa Senior Programmer Analyst
Iowa City, Iowa June 1986 - December 1988
Designed, wrote, and maintained a variety of on-line and batch applications, primarily for the Registrar's Office and the Admissions office, and written in PL/I for an IBM mainframe environment. Created an integrated system for the Admissions Office for automatic generation of admissions letters. Supervised one other Programmer Analyst on this project.

Illinois Department of Transportation Applications Programmer
Oak Park, IllinoisMay 1984 - August 1985
Adapted various traffic engineering packages to a Vax/VMS system, many of which were designed for an IBM environment. Designed, wrote and debugged all of the software for a real time system to measure the accuracy of the 60 Hertz power line frequency.

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