Earl's World - QSL Gallery

WHEB QSLThis is from a low-power AM station from New Hampshire I picked up way back when I was in high school. They used to be the sunset "best bet" for hearing New Hampshire from the midwest, but they're not even on the air any more.

CKXL QSLThis station used to be not too difficult on Sunday mornings back when WRVA had a regular Sunday morning silent period. Other stations logged at that time were CJTR, KSOO, XEMR, and HJKO.

WRVA QSLAnd speak of the devil...

WLW QSLNot exactly DX from anywhere this side of Ireland, but I like the tower picture.

ZNS QSLThis used to be an occasional visitor on 810 and 1540 kHz.

KMTX QSLI heard this station running a frequency check during a good Western opening. Also heard that morning were KFBK, KHOW, CBR, and CFAM.

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