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I have been into some aspect of radio communications since about 1976 or so, when I built a Heathkit SW-717 kit Shortwave Receiver. My main interest has always been Mediumwave (AM Broadcast Band) DXing, I've at least dabbled in shortwave, FM, longwave, amateur radio (HF), and even TV DX. For a long time I held a Novice class ticket, callsign KA9DHA. I never used it that much as I was more into broadcast DX.

Receivers I have owned in the past have been the aforementioned SW-717, a Realistic DX-160, a GE Superadio (I), a Hammarlund HQ-140X, and a Kenwood R-1000. Currently, I have only a Sony ICF-2010 receiver, which I consider an excellent performer despite only being a portable. I don't spend nearly as much time at it as I'd like to. I am a co-author of the AM-FM DX FAQ, and welcome any contributions or suggestions you may have to improve them.


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